Welcome to Vision 202: Ch 2

New Elementary School Planning Moves Forward

Here’s the Latest…

This past fall, the Board of Education decided to build one new elementary school at the Meadows property after carefully considering extensive facility data, long term repair cost information, and community feedback.

Dollars and Cents…

The new elementary building is currently projected to cost approximately thirty-nine million dollars. To pay for this project, Lisle School District plans to utilize approximately twenty-one million dollars of its current funds and eighteen million dollars from the issuance of bonds.

The school district is pleased to share that, within the last 30 days, the ability to issue bonds has been secured to assist with the cost of the new building. As a result, similar to getting a new mortgage after your current mortgage is paid off, a new bond (or loan) will be used for the construction of the new building without increasing taxes for District residents beyond what is currently paid.

What’s Next…

The planning for the new facility will continue in the coming months with the architects carefully evaluating educational goals and space requirements to best support teaching and learning.

The school district anticipates breaking ground for the new school during the summer of 2018.  The Lisle 202 community will have the opportunity to watch the vision turn to reality during construction over the following year with a target completion date for the 2019-2020 school year.


Lisle 202 will continue to share information as the planning process progresses.  Please click on the “New School Information” tab in the menu above to access the most up-to-date information about the facility planning process.

Meadows Site Conceptual Layout