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New Elementary School Plans Continue

Community members, staff, administration, architects, and construction professionals have all reviewed the plans for the new Lisle 202 elementary school.  Each has provided valuable input and feedback that has informed the design for the educational spaces that will support student learning both now and in the future.

What Has Been Accomplished So Far?

To date, the interior floor plan has been designed and the building exterior is also well on its way to being finalized.  Through a series of collaborative feedback sessions over the past year, various adjustments have been made to the interior to best meet the educational and developmental needs of the students as well as to the exterior to ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing design.  Take a look at this virtual tour of the new elementary school!

In October 2017, a meeting was held with Meadows residents adjacent to the school site.  Architects reviewed the plans, construction planners reviewed the site set-up and construction plan, and Lisle 202 answered questions and heard concerns about logistics related the new school.  Take a look at the architect’s presentation here.

What’s Happening Now?

The interior and exterior design plans continue to be reviewed to ensure that the building meets educational needs, construction considerations and standards, and is within the $39 million dollar budget.  In addition, due to the increased size of the new building, the necessary variances needed for the new building will be addressed through DuPage County.  Throughout the project, Lisle 202, the architects and the construction firm will continue to review the plans and assess progress to confirm the project is within scope and budget guidelines.

What’s Next?

Preparations for the construction process will continue during the Design Development Phase over the coming months.

The Design Development Phase will include the following components:

  • Develop all architectural and engineering components of the interior and exterior design elements
  • Solidify:
    • Planning and Design Elements
    • Building Systems
    • Interior & Exterior Finishes
    • Material and Color Selections

When Will the Building Construction Begin?

Currently, construction is planned to begin in the summer of 2018.

Background Information:

In September 2016, after careful consideration, the Lisle Board of Education selected the Meadows site for a new Early Childhood through Fifth Grade school to replace the current aging elementary facilities. There were a number of influencing factors, but as a result of the extensive and valued community input, as well as the professional data collection process, the Board of Education is confident that the Meadows site, which is already owned by the District, is the most prudent location to create a learning environment that will serve Lisle 202 elementary students for generations to come.