Community…Collaboration…Session 3!

The Lisle Community once again engaged in the Vision 202 conversation at Session 3 held on Wednesday, March 25th.  The topic of the evening was “The Financial Landscape of Lisle CUSD 202″ with a focus on “How does the school district manage its financial resources?”

Key “Take-Aways” were:

  • Current Property Tax Rate is low compared to the State averages and neighboring school districts
  • Participating in cooperatives with other school districts helps to decrease costs for goods and services
  • The school district partners with other governmental entities to share services
  • Lisle 202 is proud to have operated on a balanced budget earning the highest financial health designation from the Illinois State Board of Education for the past 11 years
  • Lisle 202 maintains healthy fund balances and outstanding debt will be fully paid off in 2019
  • Future facilities improvements are necessary and may be addressed without increasing property taxes

It was another night of great dialogue and ideas, but there’s still more to talk about!

Session 3:  March 25th ∼Complete!∼

Topic:  The Financial Landscape of Lisle CUSD 202

Focus:  How does the school district use its financial resources?







View the Session 3 Presentation below or click on this link: CES-3 Presentation



Small Group Verbatim Responses

Please click on the links below to view the exact responses from the small groups for the two work tasks during Session 3.

CES-3 Small Group Verbatim Responses

CES-3 Executive Summary