Vision 202 2017

Vision 202 Community Engagement Session 

Participants at Vision 202 2017 community engagement session on April 27th were again important partners in this year’s collaborative conversation. The night started with an overview of the communication goals for the district and the emphasis on two-way communication.  Participants heard about the current communication vehicles utilized to share information such as the Annual Report, email blasts, and school communications.  Then individuals and small groups shared valuable feedback on three questions that will help to shape the District Communications Plan:

  1. What topics would you like to hear about from the District and schools?
  2. How would you like to access or receive the information?
  3. When, or how often, would you like to access or receive information?

Individual participants first shared their ideas on the desired topics which resulted in the following:

“Top 5” for the District level:
  1. Finances
  2. Calendar
  3. New Building
  4. Test Scores
  5. Board Highlights
“Top 5” for the School level:
  1. Calendar
  2. Safety
  3. Curriculum
  4. Volunteers
  5. Student Achievements

Small groups then collaborated to share feedback on how and when this information should be communicated.

After discussing what and how information could be shared to the community, small groups discussed the same three guiding questions, however, this time from the perspective of what and how can the community share information back to District 202.


Preview of the Current Design of the New Elementary School

Following the conversation about District communications, many participants stayed to preview the current designs for the new elementary building.  The team ofCommunity Members discussing new elementary school building modelarchitects and designers from Perkins+Will presented the results from the focus group process that led to the current design of the interior. After seeing the blueprints on the presentation screen, Vision 202participants had the opportunity to visit stations which included a scale model of the elementary building, a Virtual Reality walk through the building, as well as site maps and the interior blueprints.

Thank you to all the participants in our Vision 202 2017 community engagement session!  The conversation continues to be a success because of your active participation and input.

Vision 202 2017 focused on three questions:
  1. What information should be communicated at the district and school levels?
  2. How should information be communicated?
  3. When, or how often, should information be communicated?
Participants shared their thoughts on these questions from two perspectives:
  1. Information from District 202 to the community
  2. Information from the community to District 202
Please take a look at the presentation and responses in the links below.