Facilities Master Planning Data & Report


The commitment to our schools and students has long been evident in the value placed on sound decision-making that supports the futures of the children in our school community educationally, fiscally, and in the investments made in the school facilities that our students attend each day.  Now, as time moves on, our facilities are in need of repairs and upgrades in order to continue to meet the needs of today’s educational delivery.

A Facilities Master Plan is a “road map” for repairs and suggested improvements at the District’s facilities in both the physical spaces as well as the ability to support the needs of education today and in the future.  Lisle CUSD 202 schools have physical assets such as roofs and mechanical systems that need to be repaired or replaced in the next few years that will require significant investments.  Additionally, many of our spaces do not match the needs of future ready teaching and learning.

In order to responsibly plan, Lisle CUSD 202 along with the architecture and design firm Perkins+Will began Facilities Master Planning process last summer.  This process included three key phases:  a physical assessment to determine the condition and needs of the current facilities, an educational assessment to determine the ability of the facility to support teaching and learning as we move into the future, and community engagement to gather feedback and identify the community’s priorities related to facilities.  Over the last several months, the Vision 202: Chapter 2 community engagement process provided a platform for information and thoughtful exchange between the community and Lisle CUSD 202 on the needs and possibilities for our facilities.  The input received assisted in generating options for the Board of Education to consider for the development of the long-term Facilities Master Plan.

Through the Facilities Master Planning process, information and data was collected to assist the Board of Education in making decisions for the school district’s facilities that will meet the needs of students, but also align with the community’s values.  At the July 25th Board meeting, Vision 202: Chapter 2 community co-chairs Susan Stears and Bill Buchelt presented the key findings and recommendations from the community engagement process.  Perkins+Will architects also presented an overview of the final compilation of the information and data collected from the three key phases of the master planning process.

Over the course of the next several months, the Board of Education will carefully consider the information in order to determine the priorities for facilities projects to be addressed, evaluate the financial implications of the project roll-out, and create a timeline for implementation.  Once these decisions are reached, a final Facilities Master Plan will be developed to guide the District in facilities decisions that will best meet the needs of our students both now and in the future.

The final report is available at the following link:  Facilities Master Plan Data Report